“Sarah Mynard provided an excellent and supportive service. Sarah was very clear as well as empathetic and took a lot of the stress away dealing with the case.”
- W.P., Hove

“From initial contact to the end I always knew what was going on. The service was always informal and all necessary appointments were always arranged and fitted in to
my schedule. My expectations were definitely met. Thank you for a very efficient and attentive service.”
- N.U., Peaslake

“Sarah Mynard provided an excellent service. Sarah is an expert in her field and immediately I felt safe and in good hands. Thank you, Sarah, for being persistent and patient and making me feel the same and giving me courage. “
- Y.T., Hove

“I found the service good and initial meeting was very informative. The client care promises and frequency and methods of communication were met. I was very pleased with the settlement and I have recommended Sarah to another work colleague.”
- G.B., Kent

“The service was perfect and very informative. The Solicitor was competent and provided us with the best possible options. I think the service provided was perfect and the client promises were met and we were always contacted when it was necessary. Thank you very much for your service! Much appreciated! “
- A.K., Brighton

“The service was excellent. Always helpful, reassuring and answered all correspondence quickly and efficiently. An outstanding service. No improvement needed other than serving Pimms on the hour! It was always a pleasure to speak to Sarah! “
- W.G., Worthing

“The service was excellent. Sarah had a caring attitude and friendliness. The service couldn’t be improved and even when I moved to New Zealand it didn’t seem to make any difference with the communications. A good honest service; to be recommended.”
- F.B., Pevensey

“The service was excellent. It was professional, reassuring and efficient. My expectations were exceeded. I am left feeling overwhelmed by the comprehensive, yet caring service I have received. Sarah, it has been an absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance and I am left with the most positive memories of the whole process. “
- M.B., Brighton

“The service was very helpful, easily explained and professional. I liked that I had direct contact with Sarah and that I was kept up to date with the information I needed. I had a great service and Sarah was a pleasure to deal with. “
- S.T., Brighton

“Sarah Mynard provided an excellent, very professional, approachable and assertive service. Sarah was very good at dealing with my distress and was very empathetic and understanding. Her attitude always reassured me and made me feel understood.”
- M.G.G., Spain

“Sarah Mynard’s service was excellent, perfectly perfect! One was involved, supported and professionally taken care of. Heartfelt thanks for your wonderful career commitment.”
- N.K., Brighton

“Sarah was extremely helpful and approachable. It was slow in the beginning but once it got going, Sarah was brilliant. A huge “thank you” Sarah!”
- E.W.W. ,Brighton

“We found the service from you excellent in what was a difficult little case. Your expertise in the dental negligence market is unsurpassed in that you know all the tricks and tactics that the insurance companies try to employ. Your Rottweiler approach and persistence wore the insurance companies down, as did your expertise in this legal field. Thank you very much for the excellent service we received from you. It is greatly appreciated. “
- L.S., Worthing

“The service was efficient and Sarah was a pleasure to deal with. I was happy with the service and do not think that it could be improved. I would like to thank Sarah for her hard work in persisting with this case when at many times I wished I hadn’t started but am very glad, in the end, that I did so. “
- Y.W., Ringmer

“The service was excellent. I was kept informed and everything was clearly explained. The client care promises were met. Thank you, Sarah, for your excellent work and completion of the claim.”
- K.P., Newhaven

“The service was excellent, friendly and trustworthy. Miss Mynard took time to explain everything carefully, responded to my queries, took on board my comments and suggestions. In short, I trusted her completely to work in my best interests. Thank you so much for everything. You have made the process as stress free and seamless as it could possibly have been.”
- J.C., Suffolk

“The service was excellent. It was efficient and made the whole process easy. Everything was well explained and well communicated. I am very pleased. Thank you very much for everything.“
- J..D., Lewes

“The service was excellent, personal and thorough. It could not be improved and my expectations were more than met. Sarah, I just wish all professionals gave such a good service. Many thanks.” - P.S., Brighton

“Sarah Mynard provided a first class service. I felt that I was a valued client and my expectations were more than met.”
- R.M., Crawley

“Sarah Mynard provided an excellent service, honest and straight forward. I would like to say, “thank you”. “
- B.K., Surrey

“I found the service excellent from start to conclusion. Care was shown and updates provided on a regular basis. I found every part of the service to be excellent. “
- D.P., Kent

“The service was excellent. I found Sarah Mynard’s strength of continued professional dedication and determination in achieving fairness and justice and her personal kindness and support invaluable during an extremely stressful and distressing period in my complex and protracted case. The service could not be improved and my expectations were absolutely met. I highly recommend the professional services of Sarah Mynard. As before, her devotion to duty combined with her kind and caring approach shone a much needed light upon the darkness of a devastating period.”
- S.B., Brighton

“The service was efficient and comprehensive and delivered results. I am very happy with the outcome and thank Sarah for her thorough and intelligent work.”
- K.M., Brighton

“The service was excellent. It was clearly explained and was courteous, kind and supportive. The communications were very efficient. We would recommend you to others.”
- G.D., Lewes

“We found the service to be excellent. Everything was good about it and we do not see where or how it could be improved! The client promises were very much met.“
- J.H., Peacehaven

“I cannot thank Sarah enough for her amazing service. I am extremely happy. The service was excellent and the quality of communications, professionalism, letters and correspondence was exceptional. My expectations were more than met and the client care promises were brilliant. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone. “
- E.T., Hove

“The service was conducted on a very personal level and it is hard to improve on excellence. I feel that everything promised from the outset was carried out with the utmost professionalism and on a very personal level and I was kept informed at every stage of the proceedings. The service provided far exceeded my expectations and the whole case was handled on a very personal level with very efficient communication and resulted in a satisfactory settlement. I would recommend Sarah Mynard to anyone and would gladly offer myself as a reference to any potential new client. “
- L.B., Sompting